How Much Does Youtube Pay Per View

How Much Does Youtube Pay Per View

How Much Does Youtube Pay Per View?


YouTube is a source of income for several people across the planet. A method to become an online sensation is through YouTube. The success stories of individuals who have made a fortune out of this platform are numerous.


Curious what proportion of money YouTubers make per view? Well, there may be a reality, YouTubers make anywhere between $0.01 to $0.03 to form a mean of 0.18 per view. However, YouTube can pay to depend upon several factors.


These factors include;


  • The number of clicks a billboard receives
  • Ad quality
  • The number of views the video receives
  • Video length
  • How Much Does Youtube Pay You for each 1 Million Views
  • The target of anyone starting a YouTube channel is hitting 1,000,000 views per video. Well, you're probably asking yourself what proportion a YouTuber with 1 million views earns.


Here is the math, a YouTuber with the said number of views will earn a mean of $600 to $7000. The figure is dictated by four of the factors mentioned above.


The figure is calculated through a system referred to as CPM or better referred to as cost per 1,000 views. One thing you want to also understand is that subscribers and views aren't the sole things that will cause you to earn money together with your 1 million views.


The level of engagement, the niche you select to travel with, and therefore the revenue channels you employ will contribute to what proportion you'll earn on YouTube. Before starting a YouTube channel, first, believe your audience. It's all about comprehending what they need.


How Can You Achieve 1 Million Views On Youtube?

Now that you simply have a clue what proportion 1 million views can earn you, here are tips that will help your YouTube videos attain several such views.


Find a voice

You are getting into a particularly competitive field. While YouTube gives you freedom, the niche you select will play a key role in determining your success or failure during this field. Always give your viewers a reason to select your video, among many.


Making your subscribers learn something new whenever they watch your videos will make them want to observe your channel. shop around and check out to return up with something different from what's already alive.


Be according to your posts

Another secret to success on YouTube is posting as many videos as possible. Unlike other systems, cheating your high the ladder on YouTube is impossible. If you enter this platform expecting overnight results, you'll fail terribly.


The more posts you set out there, you'll make certain that one will go viral. Posting non-stop videos will make people interested in what content you post a day. The best aim here is to point out the planet that you simply have endless content.


Make use of optimization tools

Numerous tools can promise fast results without much effort when building a YouTube channel. One of the ways to do that is by buying YouTube views and subscribers. Doing this is often only sustainable once you are beginning.


Buying YouTube views is merely meant to kickstart your journey to achieving 1 million subscribers and views. Note that if YouTube discovers, you would possibly find yourself losing your YouTube channel.



Collaborating with other YouTubers is definitely fruitful for your YouTube channel. Other YouTube will expose your channel and content to their viewers as you are doing an equivalent for them. I’ll bet they don’t view your videos instantly or subscribe to your channel, they're going to have an interest when your page pops abreast of the recommended page.


Also, sharing experiences with other YouTubers, especially the established ones, will assist you to bring home one or two concepts on the way to build a successful YouTube channel.



Achieving 1 million views and making a fortune out of them may be a long and painful journey. While there are people that have managed to hit this target within a brief period, you'll get to exercise patience. Be according to your content and know what your audience wants. Your dream is valid!